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Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lectures

After the commemoration ceremony in 2005, an annual Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture is delivered by former colleagues and friends from all over the world during the Fall Seminar on Nonlinear Dynamics in Bayreuth.

The Physical Institute of the University of Bayreuth recognizes in this way the outstanding contributions of the late Professor Lorenz Kramer to the focus subject 'Nonlinear Physics' at Bayreuth. The support of the Emil-Warburg foundation, which has received particular donations for this purpose, is gratefully acknowledged.



1st Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture

The Social Life of Bacteria: From Physics to Complex Organization

Prof. Dr. Eshel Ben Jacob (Tel Aviv University, Israel)


2nd Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble - The World is a Turbulent Place

Prof. Dr. Guenter Ahlers (University of Californa, Santa Barbara, USA)


3rd Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Magnetic Snakes - Self-Propelled, Self-Assembled... and Furious

Prof. Dr. Igor Aronson (Aronne National Lab, USA)


4th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Phyllotaxis and Patterns on Plants

Prof. Dr. Allan Newell (University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, USA)


5th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Physics of Multicellularity

Prof. Dr. Raymond Goldstein (University of Cambridge, UK)


6th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Nonlinear Nanodynamics

Prof. Dr. Michael C. Cross (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena CA, USA)


7th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Can Physics Describe Cell and Tissue Dynamics?

Prof. Dr. Jacques Prost (ESPCI & Curie Institute, Paris, France)


8th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Katalyse an Oberflächen: Vom Atomaren zum Komplexen

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ertl (Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin, Germany)


9th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture:

Pattern Formation - A missing link in the study of ecosystem response to climate change

Prof. Dr. Ehud Meron (Ben Gurion University, Israel)


10th Lorenz Kramer Memorial Lecture

Synchronization of Spatial Patterns - A Matter of Life or Death

Prof. Alain Pumir (ENS de Lyon, France)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Walter Zimmermann