Commemoration Ceremony


July 15, 2005



   Prof. Dr. Hans Josef Pesch (Dean, Faculty for Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, University of Bayreuth)


   Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Helmut Ruppert (President, University of Bayreuth)

Order, Pattern and Chaos: Lorenz Kramer's world of the Grinzburg-Landau-Equation

   Prof. Dr. Pierre Coullet (Institut NonLineaire de Nice, Nice, France)

Creating Synergies in Europe

   Prof. Dr. Jaume Casademunt, (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Meeting with the Colleague Lorenz Kramer

   Prof. Dr. Helmut Büttner (University of Bayreuth)

   Prof. Dr. Walter Zimmermann (University of Bayreuth)

Memories of the Father

   Sebastian Kramer




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